Upcoming Gigs:

Artlake Festival

20.07.19 Nation of Gondwana Festival

11.04.19 Berlin, Arkaoda

11.01.19 Berlin, Wilde Renate

30.12.18 Berlin, Chalet

18.10.18 Berlin, Arkaoda

13.10.18 Südtirol, Almgast

22.09.18 Berlin, Flow Opening

21.09.18 Berlin, Arkaoda

27.07.18 Innsbruck, Urichhaus

20.07.18 Berlin, Which way to the stars 

06.07.18 Feel Festival

26.05.18 Apple Flower Festival

20.04.18 Kopenhagen, Absolon

16.02.18 Berlin, Arkaoda 

12.01.18 Berlin, Arkaoda 

31.12.17 NYE Celebration at Secret Location

24.11.17 Privat Birthday Bash

17.11.17 Berlin, Cashmere Loft

13.10.17 Berlin,

Wilde Renate
30.09.17 Berlin


Tempelhoferfeld Openair

09.09.17 Castello Festival

25.08.17 Berlin Filterhouse

19.08.17 Artlake Festival

21.07.17 Berlin Filterhouse

14.07.17 Berlin Loftus Hall

08.07.17 Feel Festival

07.07.17 Berlin Bohnengold

24.06.17 Berlin Klunkerkranich












Aussteiger is an Entertainer,
Multi-Instrumentalist, passionate Producer and great Selector and DJ.

Having love for all kinds of music he suprises his audience with
an outstanding selection of great Dance Music and Downtempo Stylez.
































Aussteiger Zusammenkunft Cover Back

Once upon a time a great man came back from the shadows. Rumors were told that he once left the big city in a time where the music scene and clubs were dominated by cold music and average beats. He left behind civilisation, living withdrawn in the woody mountains of a covert place. From there on people talked about him as Aussteiger.

Connected to the nature and deeply rooted in the harmonic essence, Aussteiger became a part of the great whole. In a full moon illuminated clear night while experimenting with various unique herbs he accidentally found a recipe to create warm and ravishing music.

He firmly believes that music is his infinite source to gather strength and positive energy.

After years of strengthening himself and shaping vibrant sounds Aussteiger decided to share his delightful music with the world. He returned from his retreat in order to enchant the music lovers all over the world with his feel good approach and supernatural sounds.

Coming back from his retreat he also co-founded the awesome Dub Disco Label.

Music Style:  Downtempo / Deep House / Eclectic / Good Vibes / Melodic

Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 12  -  Exploited  2015
Dub Disco presents Aussteiger  -  Dub Disco 2016 ‎
Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 17  -  Exploited 2017
VA - Edits For The Common Man #2  -  Smile for A While 2017
Dub Disco presents Thorsten Lee Broda & Aussteiger  -  Dub Disco 2017
Aussteiger - Zusammenkunft Album  -  Music for Dreams 2018


Los Wawis - No Se  Aussteiger Remix -  Dub Disco 2016 ‎
Martin Lewis – House Music Aussteiger Remix  -  Profound 2017 ‎
Aporia - Underwater Love Remix  -  Dub Disco 2018‎


Best Gigs:
Feel Festival
Artlake Festival
Apple Flower Festival
Castello Festival
Wilde Renate
About Blank
Crack Bellmer
Golden Gate
Bohnen Gold

Live Mixes:

Salon zur Wilden Renate
Feel Festival DJ Set


monthly radioshow on Cashmere Radio



Dub Discodes:
Dub Discodes 11
Dub Discodes 02

Music For Dreams:
Music For Dreams Guest Mix 1
Music For Dreams Guest Mix 2
Music For Dreams Guest Mix 3

Ling Ling Affairs:


Aussteige playing records

Aussteiger wearing dub disco hoodie